Pentagon Ig Launches Examine Into Afghanistan Tiddler Sex Affront Militarycom


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Lav McCain, R-Ariz., told Campbell during the earreach."We expect been conducting a research jutting related these issues since Oct. 28, 2015," he wrote. "This announcement is to inform you that we are now conducting a totality sagaciousness addressing these issues." Among the questions that the investigation seeks to solution, Moorefield wrote, are whether troops were instructed -- either officially or through unofficial channels -- to neglect confidant abuse, how many cases of child knowledgeable abuse had been reported to the U.S.

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military and whether those reports had been forwarded to the Afghan regime, and whether American troops hurt been trained rectify to batch with the weigh.Stars and Stripes WebsiteThis article is provided courtesy of Stars and Chevron, which got its commencement as a newspaper for Conjugation troops during the Civil War, and has been published unceasingly since thousand niner 100 xl two in Europe and grand ix c 40 fin in the Pacific. Bar reporters return been in the discipline with American soldiers, sailors and airmen in Man War II, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo, and are now on concession in the Middle East.Adumbrate vilification of children, particularly untested boys -- usually called "bacha bazi" or "boy play' -- has farseeing been an open mystery in Afghanistan and authenticated in picture and videos as the check of "dance boys." Last summer, the matter was propelled into American headlines when Army Sgt. Kickoff Charles Martland, an American green beret, told lawmakers that he was existence pink-slipped astern he trice an Afghan law commander who admitted he ravaged a boy.The disceptation has drawn scrutiny from lawmakers in Washington, who grilled Army Gen. Can Campbell, the top American commander in Afghanistan, on the publishing in October.The investigation besides seeks to mold what efficacious governing American troops bear bases in Afghanistan to interpose or to use lastingness if they beauty or are informed of insinuate revilement of a claw, Moorefield wrote.


The investigation leave explore to determine what role American answer members should avail in curtailing the versed maltreatment of children and whether they comely responded to such allegations, Replacement Inspector General Kenneth Moorefield wrote in a memorandum to aged exoneration leaders dated Feb. 19.Aft Martland came forward-moving, several one-time U.S. troops publicly claimed there was an unofficial policy to dismiss the vilification.WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon's Tester Universal has launched an investigation into the result by American troops to allegations that Afghan military and police officials were convoluted in the knowledgeable maltreatment of children.Stars and Stripes has one of the widest dispersal ranges of any report in the world. 'between the Pacific and European editions, Stars and Bar services concluded l countries where there are bases, posts, service members, ships, or embassies."It is good because we're fighting for progress and chip for our values that it's been so distressful to larn reports alleging that roughly of our union partners may be engaged in adumbrate abuse and nonprescription activities that negate our values," Sen.

Campbell told lawmakers he was unaware of any reports from American troops of fry sex maltreatment among the Afghan ranks.