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In a country atmosphere, be the first bird to fly with a rocket on its back! The funniest 3D game on iPhone and iPod Touch, downloaded more than 4 million times ! Try to avoid cows, mills, farms, trees... Very addictive game... You can play right now or read the PRESS REVIEWS below ! "Rocket Bird hits the mark of a casual, pick up and play game in every aspect – it’s easy to learn, quick and fun to play, and has a simple objective...Rocket Bird is a hidden gem" "Rocket Bird is one of those games that is silly simple to get the hang of...which might be part of the definition of a quality casual game: you can pick it up fast, enjoy it, get better at it, yet never master it." "a simplistic game that’s beautifully designed and well laid out...The inclusion of online highscores, great visuals, and good controls are all great signs for a great game..." "Hidden gem in the AppStore...Definitely a good candidate to the AppStore's Top 100 bestsellers list." GAMEPLAY In a country atmosphere, be the first bird to fly with a rocket on its back! Your objective is to fly over longest distance catching the stars to fill your tank and to extend your flight. Avoid many obstacles: cows, mills, farms, trees... To control your bird, use the accelerometer to move left or right. Send your scores to check your performance and the worldwide ranking of the best players. **NEW** Now send your score on your Facebook wall. Warning...countdown begins...3 2 1 ignition!   [ Hướng dẫn thanh toán]

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