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Fantastic realist style of 3D air combat game!!! ★★★Super 3D fighting vision hits your eyes★★★ You are not alone to fight! 6 beauty instructors will be accompanying you!!! Raiden 1945 is a kind of flight game with a realist style! What you need to do is just controlling your super plane to destroy enemies, getting exp and upgrading your dear plane! Collecting coins can even upgrade your super weapon! Launching your powerful missiles, experiencing your fight in the 360°3D space!The hottest game combat scene! The coolest game design! Game Features: 1. Various adorable and devastating airplanes and weapons! --9 aircrafts, 11 missiles and 6 cannons! 2. Customize your own incomparable and unexceptionable aircraft in the world! 3. More than 25 cool pilot icons for you to choose from 4. Collect more coins to unlock more! How to play: 1. MASTER YOUR AIRCRAFT WITH INTUITIVE CONTROL SCHEME! Tilt your device and swipe the screen to avoid dangerous! Click the target bottom to aim at your enemy and give devastating attack! Control your aircraft to enable full 360-degree flight in 3D space! 2. ACTIVATE DOGFIGHT MODE AND PROMOTE HIT RATE! Stalk your enemy under your field of view and get close to them! Tap the DFM button and focus on blasting away at the enemy! Lash out at your foes with powerful machine gun and destructive missiles! TIPS: There are 5 planes with the 100 life points. There will be a lot of interesting props, show you unexpected power. EXPERIENCE VIVID SCENE AND AUTHENTIC WEATHER! Enjoy your air combat with amazing scenes! Display 3 kinds of vivid weathers randomly, having more fun to play! CHALLENGE YOUR FRIEND IN MULTIPLE GAME MODES! Wage a fiery campaign with your friends in Survival Mode and crush your enemy completely! Or defeat your friends in Versus Mode! Show us who will be the TOP 1 of the world! All in Raiden 1945!
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